Climbing and bouldering -tryout

Mäntyhaantie 2
15.02.2024 11:50-15.02.2024 13:00

This year's first spots try-out has arrived!!

The destination is Tampere Climbing Nekala (Mäntyhaantie 2), featuring rock climbing and bouldering. The try-out will take place on February 15th from 13:50 to 15:00, and the cost is €5, which includes all necessary equipment. Payment details can be found in the registration form.

The try-out includes one hour of guided climbing followed by free climbing time. The capacity is limited to the first 20 participants. Registration opens on February 7th at 12:00 and can be done through this link:

Access to the event and back is easily accessible by public transportation. However, we'll also organize a carpool for the event since public transportation takes considerably longer. Free parking spaces are available on-site, as well as bicycle parking spots. Suitable attire includes regular sports clothing, but overly loose clothing should be avoided.

Registration is binding, so please notify in advance via Telegram @tmakinen00 if you are unable to attend.