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What is TiTe?

Tampereen TietoTeekkarikilta ry or TiTe is the Guild of Information Technology at Tampere University - an organisation which supports the interests of all IT students at the university and organises events and services for its members. Any member of the student union (TREY) can join the guild, regardless of their study programme.

TiTe was founded in 1991 by members of Tampereen TietoTeekkarit, a club for students of the then brand new Information Technology study programme. Our guild's colour, black, was inherited from that club and we display it proudly on our overalls. Nowadays, we are one of the largest guilds at the Hervanta campus with about 500 members.

TiTe has its own guild room in the basement of Tietotalo in Hervanta campus. The room number is TA015. At the guild room, we offer many services, among them a television, a PlayStation 5 with several games, computer for our members to use (see here for more information), board games and the guild's official mascot, the wooden teekkari cap wearing dog Ruffe. We also sell overall badges, school supplies, IT study books and printed course handouts. Find out more about our sales items on the sales page .

Joining and Getting Informed

You can easily join the guild's activities by spending time at our guild room, where you can get to know our active members. Stopping by at our events also helps! To become an official member of the guild you need to pay the guild fee, 5,00 euros, at the sales desk at our guild room when a member of the board is present or submit your information in this form .

If you want to stay informed about our activities, you should follow the guild's official information channels: this website, TiTe's Facebook page , TiTe's Instagram page , our mascot Ruffe's tweets (unfortunately mostly only in Finnish due to character limit) and our mailing lists. You can also find our events in the Tuni Intra events calendar. All important information about guild matters ends up on our official e-mail lists, which are as follows:

Alumnit - A list intended for our alumni, who only want to receive information about alumni activities. You shall be a member of TiTTu (our alumni organization) before joining the list.

Fury - This list is intended for our fuksis. In addition to regular announcements, it also receives emails about fuksi events.

Jäsenet - The general members' list, which receives information about guild activities, as well as the weekly newsletter with news from elsewhere on the campus.

Joining the mailing lists has been disabled due to spam. If you want to join a list, please send a message to atk (at) tietoteekkarikilta.fi.

To participate in unofficial discussion you can join the channel #tite on IRCnet. Rules for the channel exist but are currently only in Finnish. In short: set your real name in your IRC client, do not post away messages to the channel and use /lastlog before pasting a more or less funny URL to check that it has not been posted recently.

Helping The Students

As the guild of information technology students, TiTe also seeks to help its members in their studies. We sell school supplies, IT study books and other miscellaneous items at the guild room.

The guild also works closely with the Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering to provide its members with information about different study choices at the university. If you have suggestions to improve the guild's services in this field, please contact the board members responsible for studies either via this form or by using the contact details given in the board section further down on this page.

Exam Archive

You can peruse the guild's exam archive in digital form at tite.cs.tut.fi/tenttiarkisto (the page itself is only in Finnish but exams can also be found in English).

You can submit more exams either to the physical red box at the guild room or digitally to kopo at tietoteekkarikilta.fi (better return box coming soon ™)

Study group

The weekly study group for this spring is held every Wednesday at 14-16 in the guild room. Welcome to study!

Study Counsellor

Our members are encouraged to contact the information technology study counsellor if they have any problems or questions relating to their studies at TAU. The study counsellor is also a student at TAU who works part-time to help other students with their studies.

Sami Harmaala
email: tite.opiskelu.tau@tuni.fi
room: TD204

You can find the study counsellor's office hours here.


TiTe's board is elected for one calendar year, usually in November, at the guild's general assembly. The board consists of several board members who are responsible for different guild activities. The board later also nominates guild officials to help with certain activities. Together the board and the officials seek to provide the guild's members with the best possible support, events and services possible. All email addresses are of the form email@tietoteekkarikilta.fi.

The old boards can be found over at the TiTeWiki (currently in Finnish only).

Board 2024

Joona Syrjämäki
Email: pj
Telegram: joonasyr

Vice Chair
Nea Peltola
Email: vpj
Telegram: neape

Secretary & Material Officer
Aapo Kärki
Email: sihteeri
Telegram: aapokrki

Aleksanteri Heinonen
Email: rahis
Telegram: allusanteri

Head of Corporate Relations
Atso Skogster
Email: yritys
Telegram: ithekuma

Mikael Värn
Email: ylitutor
Telegram: ylitutor

Tapio Yli-Soini
Email: isanta
Telegram: ystapsa

Events Coordinator
Hiski Hämäläinen
Email: tapahtuma
Telegram: hisekki

Head of International Affairs
Jemina Niskala
Email: international
Telegram: JeminaJemina

Head of Communications
Juho Kangas
Email: tiedotus
Telegram: juhokangas

Head of Educational Affairs
Vilma Heikkilä
Email: kopo
Telegram: vvvilms

Officers 2023

System administrator
Otto Tjukanoff
email: atk
Telegram: vedenkeitin48

Assistant System Administrator
Otto Haarahiltunen
email: atk
Telegram: ottohaarahiltunen

Annual Celebration Consultant
Atte Jokinen
email: vujut
Telegram: JokisAttE

Annual Celebration Consultant
Lassi Timoskainen
email: vujut
Telegram: LassiT

Educational Politics Officer
Matias Aitolahti
email: kopo
Telegram: Aitolahti

Assistant Treasurer
Oskari Kuisma
email: rahis
Telegram: ITmiljonaari

Corporate Affairs Officer
Tiia Jaskari
email: yritys
Telegram: tiiajaskari

Photographer & Corporate Affairs Officer
Roni Korkeamäki
email: valokuva, yritys
Telegram: rokork

Host's assistant
Elias Salo
email: isäntä
Telegram: EliasSalo

Master of Excursions and Foreign Affairs
Niilo Jaakkola
email: xq
Telegram: nipatiitti

Master of Excursions and Foreign Affairs assistant
Lauri Laaksonen
email: xq
Telegram: lauriaaron

Graphics Designer
Eelis Soikkeli
email: gfx, valokuvaus

Telegram: soikkelieelis

Guild Master
Tapio Tuomisto
email: kilta
Telegram: ttpoat

Assistant Guild Master
Maria Karjalainen
email: kilta
Telegram: mariakarjalainen

Sports Officer
Tuomas Mäkinen
email: liikunta
Telegram: tmakinen00

Cantor & Culture
Onni Merilä
email: lukkari, teekkarikulttuuri
Telegram: onni_monni

TEK Representative & Alumni Officer
Jani Lackman
email: alumni, tek
Telegram: janilackman

Social media officer
Ronja Lipsonen
email: valokuvaaja
Telegram: ronetsu

Social Politics Officer
Wilhelm Tcheng
email: sopo
Telegram: wilhelmtcheng

Event Coordinator Officer
Wilma Miettinen
email: tapahtuma
Telegram: wilmaumau

Kiti Suupohja
email: nibble
Telegram: Kitsupitsu

Fuksi Captain
Sanni Perttula
email: fuksi
Telegram: sannikaa

Fuksi Captain
Elle Aalto
email: fuksi
Telegram: elleaalto

International Fuksi Captain
Anssi Rasva
email: international
Telegram: titenanssi

Senior Consultant
Anniina Honkasaari
email: kahmy
Telegram: ralliina

Committees 2024

The following committees are operating under the board this year:

  • IT committee

  • Educational and social affairs committee

  • Nibble committee

  • Investment committee

  • Events committee

  • Corporate affairs committee

  • GFX committee


TiTe organizes alumni activities in collaboration with their alumni associatio TiTTu ry. If you are a TiTe alumnus looking to meet up with other alumni or if you have ideas for the improvement of the alumni activities, you can join by visitig TiTTu's website .

As a TiTTu member you are allowed to join our Alumni mailing list, where we inform about alumni events organized by the guild, or by other alumni organizations (TTY-alumni, Tampere-Alumni). You can join the list here. We also have a Telegram channel, Facebook group and LinkedIn group for alumni.

TiTe representatives

TREY Board

TREY is the Student Union of Tampere University and it represents all students in the university. TREY also facilitates the work of student associations, provides services for its members, and much more. More information here . Current board members:

Jemina Niskala (Health, well-being, sports, equality sectors)

Sami Perkiö (tutoring, events sectors)

TREY Council of Representatives

TREY's Council of Representatives is the highest decision-making body in the union. They decide on the outlines of TREY's policies, such as strategy, budget and plan of action. More info here . Current TiTe representatives in the council:

Kyltyrböndet : Atte Oja, Sami Harmaala
Oikeisto-Opiskelijat : Emma Sjöholm
Kahden Tähden Teekkarit : Mika Pajala, (Anniina Honkasaari)

Teekkari Union of Tampere

The Teekkari Union of Tampere (Tampereen teekkarit ry) is an association formed by the guilds of Hervanta campus. It maintains and develops teekkari culture in Tampere. The teekkari union manages, for example, the teekkari sauna Mörrimöykky. More information can be found here . TiTe's general assembly elects representatives to the council which is the highest authority of the teekkari union. Listed below are TiTe's current representatives in the union and in the council.


Chair: Ville Niemi

Minister of corporate relations: Sami Harmaala


Viivi Mustonen, Wappu secretary

The Teekkari Council

Kasperi Kouri, Juho Lommi, Niilo Jaakkola
Petri Kemppinen, Roni Korkeamäki, Atte Jokinen

Teekkari Section

Teekkari Section is responsible for activities and events, and maintaining and developing the teekkari culture in Tampere.

Niilo Jaakkola, anniversary gala assistant
Mika Pajala, songmaster
Wilhelm Tcheng, event coordinator
Tuuli Silvennoinen, event coordinator
Lassi Timoskainen, event coordinator

Student representatives (Halloped)

TiTe has a representation in multiple university boards and councils and seeks to benefit its members studies, affect changes in our study programs and bring a student voice to relevant discussions.

Current hallopeds and their substitutes:


Member of


Saskia Simisker

ITC faculty council, IT Bachelor's programme curriculum steering group


Kiti Suupohja

ITC faculty council


Niina Kosonen

Education council, ITC fac. (substitute)


Anniina Honkasaari

Academic board, ITC fac. (substitute)


Mika Pajala

ITC fac. (substitute)


Vilma Heikkilä

Education council (substitute), CS Master's level steering group


Samuel Ahopelto

TST Bachelor's level steering group / curriculum steering group


Roni Korkeamäki

ITC Studies steering group


Contact Us

You can contact all members of the board by using the email list address below. If you have a matter related to a specific area of the guild's activities, you can contact the relevant board member(s) by using their personal contact details in the board section .

Not all CS students are members of our guild, so you should contact the university if you need to contact all students of our degree program.

Tampereen TietoTeekkarikilta
Email: hallitus@tietoteekkarikilta.fi
Website: https://tietoteekkarikilta.fi
: 045 120 7348 (mostly during sales service )

Mailing address:

Tampereen TietoTeekkarikilta ry
PL 553
33101 Tampere

Visiting address (the guild room):

Tampereen TietoTeekkarikilta
TA015, Tietotalo, A Wing Cellar Section
Korkeakoulunkatu 1
33720 Tampere