March to the summer meetup

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28.06.2024 08:00-28.06.2024 12:00

Time has come for the traditional march to the TiTe summer meet-up at Vallitun leirikeskus! To get the full experience out of the meet-up, it is highly suggested to begin the meet-up by marching!
There will be some activities during the journey such as little Olympic Games! The march begins 28.6 at 11 am from TiTe guild room. The distance is approximately 15 kilometers, so we will arrive Vallittu early in the afternoon.

The guild arranges transportation of the marchers' personal belongings to the site. Remember to arrive well in advance and mark you stuff for example with a piece of tape.

Checklist for the march:

-  Remember to sign up for the march beforehand so we can know to wait for all attendees.

-  Bring proper attire for the march:

- shoes suitable for walking

- long sleeved pants can be useful as part of the route go through a forest

- enough water (2-4 liters)

- blister patches

- HEADWEAR is a must have to avoid heatstroke


- raincoat if rain is forecast

-  Good vibes!!!

The route goes something like this:

if you have questions about the event don’t hesitate to ask @tmakinen00 on telegram

You can sign up for the march here: