Overall Sauna

17.01.2024 16:00-17.01.2024 21:59

Hello from Hati! 💓 🦭

Is something stylish and black missing from your wardrobe? 🖤 Didn't Santa bring you new party clothes? ✨ Hati has the solution for you, so welcome to the OVERALL SAUNA to finally pick up your overalls!! 👖🧖‍♀️

You can test drive your new overalls and kick off the spring semester by challenging yourself and your friends to Beer Pong or Herwantapeli!! 🎀🪩

❓ What?: Overall Sauna!

📍 Where?: Teekkarisauna Mörrimöykky!

📅 When?: 17.01. starting at 18:00, for non-fuksi members after 21:00

🤷‍♀️ Why? : Because overalls!!! 💅🖤

🏧 How much does it cost? Nothing! Herwantapeli is 10 euros (cash only💵)


Overall Sauna can't happen without nakkis <3 We need help for the sauna, so please sign up in this excel sheet. Besides the joy of nakki (and your overalls)i, you'll also earn fuksi points! Super cool! 🌭🎀

P.S. We have acquired a few extra overalls for those who didn't have time to order. Please come early to buy yours at the sauna, as there are limited extra pieces available. 💸🏃