TiTe Committee info

Smart events
16.01.2024 14:00-16.01.2024 15:30

Are you interested in organizing TiTe's awesome events? Or do you think Nibble needs funnier content or cooler graphics? Would you like to get to know our guilds IT-systems or maybe you have ideas for educational/social events? These and a lot more is possible in TiTe's Committees!🤩 Apply NOW!

Committees are an easy way of getting into TiTe's activity to do important and meaningful voluntary work and to meet other TiTe members! Committees work on their own sectors doing the sector related tasks with the guidance of board members. Committees operate for a calendar year. Requirements for the committee applicants are excited attitude and willingness to do things. No previous experience is required! 🤝

To balance out the committee's workload there will be fun and refreshing activities organized within the committee but also bigger events for all the committees 🍕🥳

TiTe's committee application period is now open and will last a week closing on 21.1. at 23.59. You can apply for one or more committees.

Committees that can be applied to:

- IT Committee 🧑‍💻

- Graphics Committee 🖌

- Educational and Social Affairs Committee 🧑‍🏫

- Nibble Committee 📰

- Investment Committee 📈

- Event Committee 🤪

If you any questions about committees or committee activity come to TiTe's committee info in Konetalo flipped learning classroom K1703 on tuesday 16.1. at 16.00. You can also contact committee directors on Telegram.

Committee descriptions, contact info and application form can be found: https://forms.gle/qp2fv8A9fEeqj75n8