Summaries of the board meetings 2024

In its meeting on 8/2024 (19.02.2024), the board: ......header image
Updated: 20.02.2024 10:43

In its meeting on 8/2024 (19.02.2024), the board:


  • Not to organize the “Jäittenlähtösauna“ for 2024.

  • To order more overalls patches.

  • To add a feedback form for educational affairs to the guild's website.

  • To arrange a logo panel discussion on 20.3 and to start a logo competition after the panel.

  • To organize a major cleaning session at the guild on 26.2 starting at 15:00 and to close the guild for the duration of the cleaning.


  • Tapio forgot his keys and wallet at home.

  • MobilePay is malfunctioning.


  • Unbelievably good meeting snacks.

In its meeting on 7/2024 (13.02.2024), the board:


  • To establish a merit badge committee and select its members.

  • To establish the Committee for TiTel's Person of the Year and select its members.

  • To organize an Extraordinary General Meeting for Spring on February 28th, in room A223 at 5:00 PM.

  • To organize the guild's annual general meeting on March 13th, in room TB103 at 5:00 PM.

  • To reserve another ice sauna turn with Skillan until March 23rd.

  • To supplement the Event Committee with one member.

  • To supplement the Educational and Social Affairs Committee with one member.

  • To organize the Battle of the committees on March 11th, starting at 5:00 PM.

  • To initiate the guild's weekly study sessions.


  • Kismet is the best meeting snack.

  • A hammer has been added.


In its meeting on 6/2024 (05.02.2024), the board:


  • To organize the opening race of the Formula 1 season in the guild room on Saturday, March 2nd, from 5 pm to 8 pm.

  • To organize TiTe x Luuppi Herwantapelisauna at the Pii club on March 28th, starting at 6 pm.

  • To organize the Shrovetide Challenge Week from February 12th to February 18th.

  • To organize a Climbing and Bouldering try-out on February 15th, starting at 2 pm at the Tampere Climbing Center.

  • To select members for the Event Committee.

  • To select a group to update the guild's equality plan.

  • To supplement the Business Committee with one more member.

  • To organize the spring RankkaXQ from March 6th to March 8th.


  • Where are the meeting snacks?

  • Rankka 21 hype video just released.

  • The info screen is malfunctioning.


  • Rankka is tough.

In its meeting on 5/2024 (29.01.2024), the board:

Decided to:

  • Select the Nibble Committee members.

  • Select the IT Committee members.

  • Select the Graphics Committee members.

  • Select the Investment Committee members.

  • Select the Educational and Social affairs Committee members.

  • Select the Business Committee members.

  • Organize a satisfaction survey regarding the current guilds logo.


  • pssh

  • Skull weather.

  • Vichy ran out.

  • The sports session was a success last Friday.


  • Damn good meeting snacks.

  • Powerpoint is difficult.

In its meeting on 4/2024 (22.01.2024), the board:


  • To organize an international board game night on 29.1 at 16:00

  • To organize Friend sitsis on 23.2

  • To arrange a Tutor-info on 23.1

  • To procure new office supplies

  • To financially support the Fuksi council’s Fuksisitsis


  • "I want to apologize to Hiski - Teemu"

  • *psshh*

  • Powernap before the meeting - Tapsa

  • Sweet meeting - Otto


  • Beautiful weather

In its meeting on 3/2024 (15.01.2024), the board:


  • To organize overall’s party preparty with SOS ry on 1.2

  • To organize TiTe's kyykkätournament on 1.2

  • To organize TiTe's exchange info on 22.1


  • Still 11h of flight left, and then I'll be in Korea - Roni

  • You should buy n*cotine pouches

  • Light mode is the best mode

  • Mobile Discord is garbage


In its meeting on 2/2024 (10.01.2024), the board:

Decided to:

  • Remove the €5 coffee fee

  • Open the committee application period from 11th to 21st January

  • Organize a committee info session on 16th January at 4 PM

  • Clean the mug and pint shelves on 15th January

  • Arrange the guild's summer event from 28.6 to 30.6 at Vallittu camp center

  • Renew the guild's Spotify Premium and Geoguessr Pro licenses for a year


  • Tullikamari closed too early yesterday

  • These are good cookies

  • Atso has a JAPP (YAPP)for a snack


  • Good meeting snacks

In the meeting 01/2024 (04.01.2024), the board:

Decided to:

  • Officialize the officer selections.

  • Acquire new RAM for the media PC.

  • Organize the Fuksi-XQ on 18.1.

  • Arrange the sale of guild products at the overall sauna.


  • Could I have the first announcement of the year? -Otto

  • Hiski passed tetapk.

  • First meeting of the year, yay! -Joona


  • It's cold outside.