Logo competition!

TietoTeekkarikilta is holding a logo competition from March 8th to June 30th!header image
Updated: 08.03.2024 15:27

Time to let your creative juices flow! Based on the responses gathered from the previous logo poll, many believe that should a new logo for the guild be considered, it should be a collaborative effort of the guild. Therefore, the guild is holding a logo competition from March 8th to June 30th. The purpose of the competition is to involve the members in the design process of a potential new logo, that would act as a challenger to the current one. The competition works as follows:

During the submission period, participants can submit either a self-made logo or provide their own sketches / verbal suggestions for a graphic designer to implement. However, please note that sketches / proposals submitted to the graphic designer will be accepted only until May 26th. Self-made designs can be submitted until June 30th as usual. The best candidates submitted for the competition will be voted for at a later date, at the beginning of the autumn semester.

If none of the submissions receives more than half of the votes in the voting phase, a second round of voting will be held between the two submissions with the most votes.

During the voting phase, there is also an option to vote for the guild's current logo or to extend the deadline for logo design.

Winning the logo competition does not guarantee a logo change, as the decision will be made at the guild's general meeting.

To prevent misuse, the competition is not anonymous. However, during the voting phase, the identity of the creator can be kept confidential if desired.

Submit your own logo for the competition or leave your sketch / verbal proposal for the graphic designer to work on HERE